Centro de Investigación en Geografía Aplicada

Invitation to publish an article in the review “Espacio y Desarrollo”

  • Fecha: 01 de August de 2014
Dear colleagues and members of the international geographical community, The Center for research in applied geography (CIGA-PUCP) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru is celebrating this year his 30th anniversary. Since 4th of May of 1984, the CIGA-PUCP contributes in several themes related with basic research and sustainable development of Peru. It sets the baselines on territorial arrangement, natural resource and environmental management and GIS technologies use to support the research. Since 1989, the CIGA is publishing an annual review “Espacio y Desarollo” (Space and Development). This year we suggest printing a special edition with the articles from our friends, the geographers from Latin America and the world. In order to carry out this aim, I ask for your original contribution, that wasn’t and will not be published in another media. The principal theme is “The geographical research in the development agenda of Latin America”. The last date for submitting is 15th of September 2014. You will find format instructions below.